Breathtaking views of Puncak

Yesterday I had quite a rush-trip to Puncak (or literally in English word – Peak). When I say “rush” it really means that we suddenly think of going there after lunch and that it’s not really a planned trip.

Anyway, Puncak (or Peak) is located about 100 KM south of Jakarta and is famous for being a weekend getaway, and also its mountain sceneries of tea plantations – this means that yes, it’s also a heaven for nature or landscape photographers.

Although its only 100KM from Jakarta, it took us around 2.5 hours to arrive due to typical Jakartan traffic. We arrived at around late afternoon and all I had was around 1 hour for photoshoot, after taking out around half an hour of hiking it’s really half an hour of photoshoot.

Hopefully my photos captured even a fraction of the breathtakingness of Puncak’s views! and I would like to go back to Puncak again for photoshooting! I apologize for the bad quality due to reduced size of the uploaded photos (trying to save on my upload quota), please do feel free to let me know if you need higher quality and resolution ones.


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