The Port of Sunda Kelapa

Dirty Waters of Sunda Kelapa

It’s been ages since I uploaded some photos in this blog… and it’s been ages since I go out on a photo hunting trip.

Finally with the national holidays going on, I had time today to go to the Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa (or The Port of Sundanese Coconut) with my fellow photographer friends to take a stroll.

The port is situated in North Jakarta, and is an old port that accommodates only Pinisi boats. Walking through the port I’ve found that the port waters are full of garbage and waste and badly maintained, probably because its purpose as the main port in the old days has been fulfilled since the new port Tanjung Priok has been established to accomodate increasing traffic and larger vessels, and now this port serves old Pinisi boats and also as a tourist attraction.


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