The Salisbury Crags

On our trip to Edinburgh, I went to the Holyrood Park, and attempted to hike the Salisbury Crags to the peak, Arthur’s Seat to get a sunset panorama view of Edinburgh.

However in the end, it’s regretful to say that I failed to reach Arthur’s Seat. I’d only hiked half way up the Salisbury Crags and I had to make a very regretful decision to turn back. First, it’s due to that I went on a time too late, and it’s getting dark for which I’m advised not to proceed further as it will be hard to come down at dark. Second, the wind was just too strong to even get a firm footing on the narrow and curvy path up the steep hill and the rain was starting to get bigger.

This would be one of the biggest regret of the trip to not being able to make it to Arthur’s Seat, I’ve seen on the web after the trip, that some people made it to the top via an easier route guess that’s what I will do next time (if I am going there again).


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