A Mangrove Forest Journey

I went to the Kawasan Ekowisata Mangrove Hutan Bakau Pluit (or Mangrove Forest) today for a short photo-walk.

It’s kind-of hard to find a nice nature place for photoshoot within Jakarta which is,

  • nicely maintained (or in other words – free of rubbish etc)
  • and doesn’t cost much rip-off fees (a lot of places demands ridiculous entrance fee and extra fee for taking photographs even using pocket cameras, when the place itself isn’t nicely maintained or full of rubbish).

I’ve prospected a few places within Jakarta so far and sadly it always come to very frustrated and disappointing conclusions. It really makes me missing Australia  so much!

It only cost me around 10,000 rupiah ($1 dollar) to get into this place and bring a dslr with me (other places would have cost at least 500,000 rupiah ($60 dollar). The place has a lot of rubbish around, and local teens (seems dangerous) all around playing there which makes the place really unfriendly if you are going there alone.

My opinion about this place – not really a special place, it’s enough to come here for just once. If you really want to go there, just make sure that you don’t bring expensive things with you so you don’t attract local teens’ attention.


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