At the Morrissey

It was my wife’s birthday, and we celebrated it at the I Am Morrissey Jakarta boutique serviced apartment – which I would say is a nice accommodation destination (being close to center downtown) and nice spot for pre-wedding photography.

I know I have been inaction in photography close to maybe one month now, so being in this nice hotel I could try out my new Canon 5dMkII camera and EF 24-70mm f2.8L II lens – FINALLY! Having just switched over from the Sony Nex-C3, 5dmkII is very big and heavy, and a lot more complicated in its usage – also I would have to start getting used to using viewfinder now instead of NexC3’s flipping LCD live-view screen.

There are still some spots in this serviced apartment which I haven’t try to take pics of, so I would definitely love to come back here next time 🙂


One thought on “At the Morrissey

  1. You’ve got some really great shots there with a keen eye for composition and the formal elements! Good post, thanks for sharing!

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