Review Post 1

Although I have already in my mind a list of places for upcoming photoshoots – be it sunrise/sunset or street photography, it seems that I might not be able to do them for at least the next two weeks considering my schedule.

So for this few weeks, I have plans to pick several photos of every album from when I first started in photography until now, re-edit them (or correct/retouch them with new edit techniques which I’ve learned along the way since then) and post them up – kinda like some review posts of my work so far?

Most of the photos were taken with the Sony NEX-C3 Camera, while a few were taken with the Canon Ixus-I95 Compact Point and Shoot Camera.

Hope you will enjoy them 🙂

(Totally Into It – Wan Hua Night Market, Taiwan)

(Another Night Passes By – Bradfield Highway, Sydney Australia)

(The Tourists – Jiu Fen Street Market, Taiwan)

(Boys of Summer – Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia)

(Empty Street – Taipei, Taiwan)

(Empty Table – Bather’s Pavillion, Balmoral Australia)

(Gondola in Venetian – Venetian Hotel, Macau)

(Lines – Anzac Bridge, Sydney Australia)

(Serene – Bather’s Pavillion, Balmoral Australia)

(Vertical – Anzac Bridge, Australia)


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