Penang Trip Part 4 – Streets of George Town

After the sunrise at the Clan Jetties Weld Quay, I had about half an hour of time to tour George Town (or Capital City of Penang) on my own and of course I took some photos of it.

Having a mix of culture influenced by British, Chinese, Malay and Indian, George Town was, together with Malacca, formally inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is officially recognized as having a unique architectural and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia – and this can be obviously seen if you are there and I hope it is reflected through my photos/posts.

My Itinerary to Penang was: our itinerary: Air Itam (laksa, muar chee(Link) and Kek Lok Si temple (Link)) -> Clan Jetties Weld Quay (sunrise) Link -> George Town/City (Khoo Kongsi, Pinang Peranakan Mansion, Cheong Fat Tze Mansion), so tune in for further posts and check out the previous posts :)


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