Penang Trip Part 1 – Food

Penang Trip last weekend with my family was fun. Penang is home to a lot of nice food, and that is what this post is about – especially the photos of the Laksa and Muar Chee.

Our trip was around 1-day-1-night, so there wasn’t much time to hang around every corner of Penang. Following was our itinerary: Air Itam (laksa, muar chee, Kek Lok Si temple) -> Clan Jetties Weld Quay (sunrise) -> George Town/City (Khoo Kongsi, Pinang Peranakan Mansion, Cheong Fat Tze Mansion), for which I’ll cover in subsequent posts.

Back to the photos of these food, we had the famous Air Itam Laksa Noodle, MUar Chee and Seafood Tofu, Fried Popia at the Pasar Air Itam. I would say it’s really not hard to miss this place as it’s full of people here eating even though it’s already 4PM – so it must means that the food here is good. In the end our intuition is correct and we had a very nice meal filling our stomach before we go to Kek Lok Si Temple up the mountain from this restaurant. Oh ya, the lobster, we had it in our dinner at Gurney Drive.


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