Another day on the streets of Indonesia

I believe whoever been to Jakarta before, or Indonesians should know the subject in this photo very well… I was in the car during my trip to Bandung, Indonesia and captured a panning photo of the Angkot.
Angkot, or in fully “Angkutan Kota” (City Transport) is widespread across Indonesia as a form of public transportation – especially in Jakarta. They are easily spotted on the road as they usually comes in the form of a mini-van, in bad and ill-maintained condition.

Although a cheap form of public transport well-endorsed by the lower class, they are also mainly known as not very safe transport with reckless drivers and polluting the environment. They don’t stop in designated stops, but anywhere on the road (mostly in the middle of the road) and anytime to pick up and unload passengers causing traffic congestions and endangering other motorists.


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