A Short Trip to Genting Highlands

I had a short half day trip to Genting Highlands a while ago in Malaysia. I arrived in Genting on first day’s night, stayed over in the hotel and left on the mid noon of the second day.

Genting Highlands is famous for its resort hotels, casino, theme park and mountain weather – however most people come here for the casino. For me though of course I’m here for photographic inspiration.

As we didn’t have enough time to try the Theme Park, we had a short stroll in the HIghlands Mushroom Farm (which is quite eye-opening to me as this is my first time knowing how mushrooms are grown) and the Chin Swee Caves Temple (consists of a few temples and plenty of statues).

The only regret I had was that I overslept in the morning and slept through the sunrise… I woke up half an hour after the sunrise and all i could do is take a shot of the morning view from the hotel room with the sun already high up 😦 and what made me regret more was that locals told me that they had a very nice sunrise as it rained the night before and it was quite clear that morning with a few clouds plus a bit of fog. Well, people says “failing to plan equals to planning to fail”, how true is that! a lesson learnt!


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