Trip to Berjaya Hills Resort – Colmare Tropicale French Village and Japanese Garden

On our trip to Kuala Lumpur, we planned for a one-day trip to Berjaya Hills Resort to check it out – as some travel blogs were saying that it’s worth staying over at least for some activities.

Berjaya Hills Resort is famous for its French-themed village Colmare Tropicale and Japanese Garden, and it’s around 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur city.

We arrived at around mid-afternoon, and honesly I’m quite disappointed at the lifeless-ness of this place! There’s no activities in the COlmare Tropicale French Village, so what we really did was to take a short stroll of maybe 15 minutes and took a few photos, then move along to the Japanese Garden.

At least the Japanese Garden offered us something to do, we could rent the kimonos to wear and take some outdoor and indoor photos for 15 minutes. Other than that, it’s really just some koi ponds and trees to look at, so not that much different than the French village. I had a thought that maybe we went there on a wrong season? even the staffs are sitting on the side taking afternoon nap!

My piece of advice, if you are going to Berjaya Hills for outdoor activities (such as Paintball, Jungle trekking, Flying Fox, horse riding etc) you could spent a whole day here providing you come here to play with your friends as a group. Or else, a 2-hour trip is more than enough if you are only here to have a look and take some nice photos (maybe pre-wedding photos too?)


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