Natural Planking poses? a brief stroll in Kota Tua Jakarta

I had a chance and the time for a brief half an hour stroll in one of the landmarks in Jakarta – Kota Tua. Wikipedia’s explanation of Kota – Kota is a small area in Jakarta also known as Old Jakarta, and Old Batavia. Kota is Indonesian word for “city”, it was the reminiscent of the vicinity during colonial times in 16th century that the city was only within Batavia walled compound (today Kota), while the surrounding areas was only kampung (villages), orchards, and ricefields. Dubbed “The Jewel of Asia” and “Queen of the East” in the 16th century by European sailors, Old Jakarta — or Batavia, as it was named by the Dutch — was once a center of commerce for the whole continent due to its strategic location and abundant resources.

Arriving in Kota, all I see was that there are some little stalls and stands (foods,drinks, souvenirs, bike rent etc) opened by locals. And not very surprising is that there are plenty of locals laying around lazily on anything they can find (benches, chairs or even on the landmark cannons) – which is what I called natural planking :p.  There weren’t many people in Kota today, only a few foreign tourists and some local school kids.

Haven’t have a deeper exploration of Kota, from what I heard that Kota is famous for its old buildings from the Dutch colonization period – and I could see some of them not far from where I strolled, guess that gives me an excuse to come here again next time.

P.S.: I think I am more than desperate now to get a longer zoom lens, as I’m into more street-type photography than nature photography. For example, in some of the photos above (planking and monkey) I would love to take the shot from different angles, but it is just impossible if I can’t get closer enough and I heard it’s dangerous to do get close to take someone’s photo in Jakarta.


3 thoughts on “Natural Planking poses? a brief stroll in Kota Tua Jakarta

  1. Natural planking! Too funny. I really like the shots of the Dutch colonial buildings too; nice contrast in architecture.
    Hope you’re settling into your new home Michael.

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