Migrating and some thoughts on my photography vision and direction

Prologue of Thoughts

This is my last day of work in Sydney, Australia and in two days time I will be migrating/relocating for good to Jakarta, Indonesia (I am from Malaysia) with my wife for new career opportunities. With this happening, I have a lot of reflection and thinking in my mind about my past, present and future, of basically everything – my career, my life, my hobbies (music and photography), my family etc. So I’ll be just putting down here my reflection and thoughts in my photography since I picked up photography and my future vision/direction.

Future Vision and Direction

As mentioned in the “About” page, I picked up photography end of last year since I got my first ever interchangeable-lens camera Sony NEX-C3 (a huge upgrade from my ex-Canon IXUS 95 point and shoot!) and have got addicted since. Firstly I would just take pictures of everything with NEX-C3 or my iPad (used to be iPod Touch), however as time goes on and after plenty of photoshoot I have found out and narrowed down my general interest, “genre” and style of photography, which is in Nature/Landscape and Street Photography – with more focus on Nature photography (you’ll see that a lot of my posts are sunrises/sunsets). I will also be looking at opportunities and possibilities of going professional, and getting different gears – although these are still a bit ambiguous at the moment.

Migrating to Jakarta would mean a whole different world and change of perspective in my photography, and I’m seeing that I could focus more on Street Photography than nature, while I could also venture into exploring photojournalism of Indonesian culture and lifestyle (Australia is more relaxed and clean, Indonesia is hectic and convoluted or dense). A good thing here is that this will mean more challenges and more things to learn and improve on – and this is what improvement and pursuit of excellence is all about and I’m seeking that in my photography and life.

Migrating to Jakarta would also mean that I might post less frequently as lifestyle is busier in Indonesia as opposed to the relaxing lifestyle in Australia, and I would have to settle down first.

Appreciation and Conclusion

Having said all of the above, I’m still an Australian Permanent Resident so I could be back in Sydney from time to time. Before I finish up this post, I want to also thank you all those who have liked, commented and followed my blog and posts. Ever since I’ve been involved in WordPress I have received a lot of support and it has helped me going on in photography and strives further. I would like to also take this opportunity to apologize for if I couldn’t reply or reciprocate the support as much as I thought I would. It has been rewarding and at the same time mind opening to see other WordPress bloggers’ photos, as different perspectives and ideas are presented to me as well as seeing the world through different photographers’ eyes. In the end we photographers are here to show everyone in the world how our world looks like through our eyes, no matter our photography style.

I have enjoyed my stay of last 7 years in Australia and am in all ways thankful to God in placing me here, where I have spent part of my life, seeing different things and knowing different people – while also had an rewarding job which I could travel and see different countries and cultures.

Enough of talking for now, I could go on and on but this summarises my thoughts. I believe we will still be exchanging ideas and comments in the future, so happy blogging and taking photos 🙂


5 thoughts on “Migrating and some thoughts on my photography vision and direction

  1. Congratulations and all the very best with the relocation. 😉 It’s been a pleasure reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

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