An Unforgettable Trip to Perth

Perth has been nice to me when I was there for a work trip last Monday and Tuesday.  First of all, the weather has been nice and guess what, the rain only come before and after we left Perth! Second, I thought I would be too busy with work and wouldn’t have too much photoshoot time, and guess what, I have unexpectedly more time for photoshoot and explore Perth (not that this is my first time though:P) The only regretful thing is that Heirisson Island’s Kangaroo reserve is off limits until further notice, so I couldn’t take photos of the Grey Kangaroos there.

Anyway, without further due, enjoy photos of my trip to Perth! They include pictures taken with Sony NEX C3 with 18-55m Zoom Lens at South Perth Foreshore, Swan River, Swan Bell, Stirling Gardens, London Court, Kings Park, Heirisson Island, The Causeway and Canning River.


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