2nd Sunrise Photoshoot in Little Bay

It was an all-clear this morning in Sydney, so I went down to Little Bay again for a 2nd session of sunrise photoshoot with my friend who have just begun to learn photography.

I came here a while ago for the first photoshoot when it was all cloudy and light drizzling (link), and there were some high tide and flood warning so the beach area was fenced off which I had to settle for a higher cliff area last time.

Finally today we have access to the beach part of Little Bay. The only disappointment today is that most of the long-shutter/exposure photos have had the sky overexposed too much although I used the Grad ND filter (just realized at home that the ISO setting was 800 which I thought was 200!), lesson learnt to check settings before shots. There isn’t too much I can do in postprocess to fix the sky that’s why professionals say to get the shot right in the camera!

Enjoy the photos πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “2nd Sunrise Photoshoot in Little Bay

  1. Couple of great shots there! I just received my grad filters, yet to shoot a sunrise, shot my first sunset yesterday. Do you shoot in RAW?

      1. Cool, sounds good. I only ask as you would have been able to correct the exposure in RAW. I’ve only shot in jpeg, but I’m looking at shooting in both from now on to keep more options for processing.

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