Sunset at Sylvania Waters Jetty

I went to Sylvania Waters Jetty for sunset photoshoot today. Equipment used are Sony NEX C3, Tripod, 3 Stop ND Filter, and 3 Stop Grad ND Filter (handheld).

As the jetty is not pointed towards the sunset direction, there’s not much that I can do to incorporate the sun into my shots – so I am hoping that there will be some clouds, at least the sun will portray orange/golden lights onto them and I could get shots of Jetty with nice clouds in the background with smooth water.

Too bad when I reach the jetty, the sky is very clear – no clouds at all. So I’ve tried my best to use and incorporate what’s around me into my shots.

The good thing is, today I’ve met a local Sylvania resident – an old lady with her dog – who chatted with me about my interest and she had encouraged me on. I’ve also met another lady photographer who’s also there for jetty photoshoot- we chatted a bit about how we got into photography and she suggested me to come on sunrise again next time to get nicer shots (which she did already). This is the first time I’ve met a fellow hobbyist photographer during photoshoot 🙂


7 thoughts on “Sunset at Sylvania Waters Jetty

  1. I love all of these … especially the first one. It almost looks like the boardwalk is an illusion. Despite not having the conditions you really wanted, they came out awesome.

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