Sunset at Kurnell – Trial of my new Grad ND Filter

Finally this week the 3-stop grad ND has arrived. With the new filter I headed down south to Kurnell to test it out on a sunset shot.

Luckily the weather is good today, the sky is not too clear with some clouds – perfect for testing the filter – stacking + handhelding it on top of my 3 STOP ND filter screwed on to the lens of my SONY NEX C3’s Lens.

Too bad I only find out that I shouldn’t be hand-holding the resin filter with the lens hood on, this creates some reflection from the filter onto the lens which turned up in the photo which I only realized upon processing the photos 😦 Lesson learnt no lens hood on when handholding a resin filter.

Another problem I had was that handholding the filter against the lens introduce a little bit of shake to the camera, and this means that with long shutter speed some blur is introduced into my shots. I will have to research for ways to minimize shakes.

Will need to find a way to overcome the above two problems next time… (if anyone got suggestions it would be great).


19 thoughts on “Sunset at Kurnell – Trial of my new Grad ND Filter

  1. Did you not get the filter holder? You can order a matching size filter holder from Cokin or Lee depending on the size of the filter. In the mean time, you could use large rubber-bands to hold the filter snugly against the lens. I have done it for 10 min long shots and it works if you are careful with right tension. Hope it works.

    Btw, cool shots. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m using some Hitech filters as well. Just grab a filter holder and you wont have to struggle to hold onto them. Unless you hold it exactly right with your hands, you will probably always find reflection in your photos πŸ™‚

  3. Nice shots. I can’t live without my Ngrad. I almost got rid of it when I sold my 35mm lens, until I realized that they make rings for the holder for different lenses thus allowing me to keep my ngrad and holder.

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