iPodography Part 11 – Stuck in Traffic

Above is a photo I took yesterday at lunch break during work. If you remember, this is a whole picture of an old door I photographed back in February. Link as follows:


Yesterday I was stucked in traffic after work for around one hour, but well instead of getting my mood and patience influenced negatively by the traffic I instead spent my time taking another few photos using my iPod touch and editing them in the traffic.


3 thoughts on “iPodography Part 11 – Stuck in Traffic

  1. I love, LOVE that first picture!

    Also, if you paste a link in the post it isn’t actually going to link it, you have to click on the link button (looks like chains linking) when you are drafting the post… then you can put in the link and you are good to go . Because I want to see this picture you were talking about, I shall now copy the link and put it in my bar (what are those bars called a that of your internet page…yeah that bar!).

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