Oxford Circus Underground Tunnel in 2009

This is another old photo I digged up from my harddisk to postprocess for fun, a photo that I took 3 years ago (around August/September 2009) when I was in London for work. It was taken when I haven’t started in digital photography, using the camera on the Nokia 6500 Classic phone – so pardon me for the bad quality or low res.

It was my first time and summer in London, and of course it being summer in Europe means tourists and people are everywhere – even in the subway. However when I was walking out of Oxford Circus underground tunnel all of the sudden the tunnel got empty with only a few people walking through – so I decided to capture this moment.


4 thoughts on “Oxford Circus Underground Tunnel in 2009

  1. I like the odd angle here! Also, I’m fascinated by your iPadography posts. The photos are so pretty, which I realize is more about your skills than the camera you’re using, but wow – Cameras in other electronics just keep getting more and more sophisticated…it amazes me.

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