iPodography Part 10 – Men in Colours

I was looking through my travel photos and found an interesting photo that I could work with. This is a panorama photo I took when I was in Kuala Lumpur around maybe 2 years ago, at the main junction in the city.

The photo was taken with my iPod touch using a panorama app “360”, and processed in iPod touch itself using “Touch FX” app.When I took this photo I wasn’t addicted to photography yet and was just a snap-happy person so I didn’t know about composition or exposure etc.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I dig out the photo again and processed the surrounding in black and white to isolate out the  busy city, while emphasizing the still-performers in colored shirts. Bravo to these guys who stand there whole day not moving at all despite being disturbed by passer-bys.

Too bad i couldn’t do much to the third performer in between the red and yellow shirt performers – as he’s in silver shirt and blends in to the BW processing! (that’s if you can find him at first glance:P)

Advance thanks for visiting my blog and posts, and enjoy worpressing!


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