Sunrise Photoshoot at Coogee Ivo Rowe Tidal Pool

I think sunrise photoshoots has become a weekend morning routine for me now.

Packed with my screw-on 3 Stop ND Filter, a LED light, Tripod and my SONY NEX C3 camera, I went to the South Coogee’s Ivo Rowe Tidal Pool for sunrise photoshoot with my friend Dennis. Ivo Rowe pool is very famous among landscape photographers, so it is quite hard to have a different and unique take to differentiate my photographs from typical Ivo Rowe pool photographs, but I have to do my best anyway.

We arrived at dark and found it hard to move around with the steep staircase leading us down to the coast stretch and the very rocky (full of holes) Ivo Rowe pool – which is more like a large rock pool with a chain fence around it on some posts. The tide and wave today is quite high too so I got wet in the end, and my camera almost got swept away by the wave. However no venture no gain, we are all safe and sound in the end, enjoyed the morning with some photographs to share. Enjoy.


30 thoughts on “Sunrise Photoshoot at Coogee Ivo Rowe Tidal Pool

  1. Stunning sunset photos. I’ve always preferred the silhouette sunsets photos to the vibrant colour ones that alot seem to like.

  2. When we were just little tykes our father used to take us swimming in a tidal pool at Coogee…Can’t say my memory is absolutely clear (I was very young) however; some feelings still linger… What spoilt beings we Aussies are… πŸ˜‰ Love the pics… you must have had a great day..!

  3. Beautiful collection!! Very Effective use of filters and slow shutter speeds. Dawn and dusk are such magical times of the day and combined with moving water the creativity is endless.

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