iPodography Part 8

The “New iPad” has been launched today, and quickly I have pre-ordered one as it has been on my gear upgrade list. So this means that in two weeks time the “iPodography” series will be changed to the “iPadography” series, and I’m impatiently looking forward to get my first and new iPad!

Here are just some random shots from today, we have got some heavy rain and flood in Sydney today so most of my shots are indoor, some outdoor photos after the rain cleared.

Thanks for your visit and all your support, also all who have followed this photoblog πŸ™‚


(Rainbow After the Rain)

(For Pedestrians)


10 thoughts on “iPodography Part 8

      1. It’s taken at my local church in Sydney when we had music practice there. It’s a shot of a teddy bear which belongs to our Sunday service kids πŸ™‚ the teddy bear is usually placed at the kids section wit some other toys

  1. Thank you for liking my most recent post…after going through such a rough couple of weeks I can’t tell you how much fellow photographers and bloggers simple LIKE’s mean to me! Your blog is very interesting and I will follow! Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your work!

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