Back to the Abandoned Dunlop Slazenger Building

The last time I’ve been in the abandoned Dunlop and Slazenger factory building for photoshoot was a while ago (

I’ve since been wanting to be back for more, and finally I have the chance. This time I’ve spotted a damaged car full of graffiti at the end and corner of the first building (have no idea why I didn’t spot it last time!). Having instantly attracted by the car, most of my evening in the building today I’ve spent to take different angles to the graffiti car.

I would definitely want to go back for more photoshoot as there is still a second building which I haven’t enter.


9 thoughts on “Back to the Abandoned Dunlop Slazenger Building

  1. Keep up the shoots mate, they are looking good! I think i might down, it looks amazing there. I went to the tram sheds in Glebe before it was closed 🙂 That was a sweet spot!

    1. yeah it was disappointing. I was originally planning to go to the tram sheds and had to cancel when found out people were chased down by guard dogs and police going there. So I changed the location to the abandoned Dunlop factory, you should try it 🙂

  2. These are really cool photos! It’s always interesting what you can find in a place like that. Also I wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by my blog and liking my post!

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