Dawn and Sunrise at Bondi Beach

After failing to get sunrise at Little Bay due to overcast yesterday morning, I am more desperate today wanting to get some sunrise or dawn photos. I think I might be slowly turning into a sunrise and sunset junkie!

Anyway, the forecast was saying it will be mostly cloudy for the morning. Armed with that forecast info, I drove to Bondi Beach with my Sony NEX-C3, ND 3 Stop Filter, Hot Shoe Bounce Flash and partially-functioning tripod (damaged from Kyeemagh photoshoot).

Bondi Beach is located 7km east of Sydney CBD, and a popular beach for surfing, skating and graffiti/mural culture. I arrived at around 5:20am when it’s still dark and started to scout some sweet location for sunrise, and this time I take extra caution so as to not fall and injure myself or my equipment again. Finally the sky started to be lit up and the sun slowly risen up from underneath the horizon at around 6 something, although the weather is not as forecasted – there were not much clouds around and the sky is very clear. Anyway got some photos and here I am to share it.

And now it’s time for me to get enough sleep and rest after two days of waking up so early for sunrise…


12 thoughts on “Dawn and Sunrise at Bondi Beach

  1. Some terrific shots here Michael. I particularly like the 4th & 5th photos. Love that cool steely look. I also really like your thinking with the flash under the wave rock; nicely done!

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