New Gadgets on my upgrade list

It has been a while that I am planning to get new gadgets and accessories.

Approaching the starting of March, this means that I’m preparing my wallet for the following things that I have been wanting to buy.

  1. Graduated ND Filter – Not much to say about this, as I take more landscape photographs than other type of photographs, graduated ND filter is a must-buy sooner or later. I have been using an ND8 Filter, however I believe that having a graduated ND filter should improve my landscape shots further so as to balance the exposure of the sky against the foreground or ground. So far I’ve ordered a Hitech 85mm P-series Soft Edge ND8 Filter to be arrived in 2 – 3 weeks time, can’t wait to try it out.
  2. iPhone 4S or upcoming “rumored” iPad 3 – So far I have been using my iPod Touch as a general purpose PDA tool, ranging from taking casual photos, listening to music, scheduling my time, measuring etc. Now it’s time for me to upgrade it to iPhone 4S or iPad, this means that I could upgrade my “iPod-ography” series to “iPhone-ogrpahy” or “iPad-ography” later with better camera. With the highly-rumored iPad 3 to be announced on 7 of March, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to wait a bit.

Stay with the blog to find out my upgrade progress 🙂


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