Sunrise Photoshoot in Kyeemagh

26th February 2011 – Armed with the information from Google that sunrise is 6:38am and my camera, tripod and ND filter, I went to sunrise photoshoot with two of my mates in Kyeemagh today. Kyeemagh is just next to Sydney Airport, while the spot we have chosen was just right next to the landing strip on incoming flights.

As I don’t have long telephoto lens, my purpose there was only to shoot sunrise. Having arrive at 5:30am we started to scout for spots and move around to find our sweet spot when the sun rises (taking some long exposure shots in between).

As it drizzled a little bit, when the sun rose we can see a rainbow just opposite of the direction of the sun rise. We have also met another three photographers taking photographs at the spot (which I think maybe they are Europeans), and I used the opportunity to feature them as silhouettes in my shots.

People says “No Pain No Gain”, and that’s so true! The morning didn’t go by as smooth as I injured myself tripping on a rock, scratched myself on the leg as I fell to the front, and also got a little bit of dent on my cheapo tripod (now one of the legs can’t be retracted because of the inward dent) and a little bit of scratch on the lens hood (luckily not on the camera or the lens pheww).

However, at the end of the photoshoot I was quite satisfied and happy.


32 thoughts on “Sunrise Photoshoot in Kyeemagh

  1. Beautiful. I never really considered the airport runway site as a potential photo location – they work really well.
    Watch that cut on your leg. Last October I was taking photos down at Gaerloch Reserve (next to Tamarama) when I slipped on the rocks and grazed my leg. After a week it developed into a raging infection (cellulitis) and I had to take 2 courses of antibiotics to clear it up. At least I was reasonably happy with a couple of the shots from that morning :-).

  2. Nice post and nice blog! I need to get my hands on an ND filter; I take the occasional landscape photo and am always frustrated with the sky. You’ve given me some motivation!

  3. Excellent, excellent composition, use of the rule-of-thirds, and exposure control. Really great picture.

    Love Sydney, by the way. One of my all-time favorite walking cities.

  4. Good work! I’m a total sucker for sunrises. Guess I was still in bed that day though, leaving Sydney today so have had a few nights out on the town! Thanks for liking my last post.

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