Alone in Abandoned Dunlop and Slazenger Factory, Alexandria

23rd December 2012 – I was reading about abandoned buildings which are suitable for photography. It wasn’t really hard to come across the Abandoned Dunlop and Slazenger Factory in Alexandria, which is a Graffiti Heaven for graffitist and a location for many commercial photography and film shooting.

Although many have suggested to go to the abandoned factory with company or at least in mid day, as it could be dangerous with parts of the building could be collapsing and there could be druggies around – I went there alone this evening.

My first impression going in – I was scared shitless at first! It look almost like a haunted place or a murder scene you would see in movies. There are used spray cans everywhere as if this is a cemetry for spray cans, also broken facilities and no electricity with foul smell. However being a famous place for photography and filmography I quickly bump into another few people which really calms me down at last and kept me from leaving the place without any photos.

Having spent one hour in one of the two buildings, I have to leave the place as the sun’s setting and it’s quickly turning dark. I would love to come back again soon to explore the second building which consists of abandoned office spaces and of course furnitures, as there are news that this abandoned factory will soon be demolished to make way for new apartments!


8 thoughts on “Alone in Abandoned Dunlop and Slazenger Factory, Alexandria

  1. I find it incredible that the building that I worked at so many years ago is known as haunted! The place gave me the creeps even then and now it is known as one of the most haunted buildings in Sydney – awesome!

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