iPod-ography Part 2 – On the way home from Work

22nd February 2012 – There are some days when we don’t have our DSLRs with us. Another iPod-ography series captured using my iPod Touch on my way home from work. Picture quality is not very high due to low resolution camera on the iPod Touch.

This is just to show that we don’t have to venture far to get nice photos, nice spots are all around in Sydney for photographers to explore.

An Old House Behind My Office

Tunnel underneath Railway Square

Abandoned TV, Table and Chair


4 thoughts on “iPod-ography Part 2 – On the way home from Work

  1. The photo of the table and tv is great. Depth of field seems to mask the low quality if it’s used well. The noise actually works well in the second one. Goes to show that the photographer, rather than the equipment, take good shots. I’m also an ipodographer, and wondering how much and what kind of editing these had to go through.

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