Taiwan December Trip Day 1 – Wanhua Night Market

24 Dec 2011 – I have always wanted to visit Taiwan since the last time I was there (ermm maybe when I was 3  years old?). The reasons for visiting Taiwan: firstly my mum is a Taiwanese so that makes me part Taiwanese too and I have relatives there; second I just have the urge to explore Taiwan as a tourist and photographer!

The opportunity came up when we planned for our summer holiday travel and my mum invited us to visit our uncles and aunties in Taiwan. So off I went to Taiwan with my mum, my  younger brother and my wife (oops of course my camera).

On Day 1, We visited Taipei’s Central Wan Hua District 萬華區 which is famous as Taiwan’s oldest district and for its colorful Night Markets. Night Markets are a staple of Taiwanese culture, are everywhere here. It was hard to get around and take photos as there were just so many people around and we got squeezed all the time trying to move forward (and it got harder as bikers come into these narrow streets with their motorbikes to do their shopping). However I was astonished by the life that’s going around everywhere in the night markets, of course we had some nice Taiwanese snacks and food too to make our stomach happy.

– Sony NEX-C3
– Sony Zoom Lens SEL1855


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