Sunset at Bare Island, La Perouse

15 February 2012 – It was after work, and I was feeling a strong desire to shoot some photos again. This time I want to attempt photographs taken at the Golden Hour to hone my skills.

And on a fine day like this, Bare Island is naturally a good spot for sunset photographs.A small island located about 16km south east of Sydney CBD, NSW Australia, in the seaside suburb of La Perouse. The name “Bare Island” came from Lieautenant James Cook in 1770 calling it “a small bare island, and was featured in Mission: Impossible II’s finale (the final and famous motorcycle duel between Tom Cruise and baddy) and East West 101. It is also famous among scuba divers and its fort built in 1880s looking over Sydney’s back door – Botany Bay .

Having arrived here 1 hour prior to Sunset time (google research shows 7:58PM), I started taking photographs from the footbridge connecting La Perouse and Bare Island, and then moving to beneath the footbridge and around the Bare Island on the outside of the fort. Unfortunately the fort is closed for the end of business day, so I couldn’t get to go inside.

Being a popular spot, this means that I am not left totally alone with mother nature, but also with other people who are there for fishing, photoshooting, evening walk with their dogs, and hmmm… dating. So at least I won’t run out of subjects in the photographs!

All photos were shot handheld as I couldn’t afford more time to stay longer for long exposure photographs, and this means that I could come here again next time.

Equipment Used:
– Sony NEX-C3
– Sony SEL1855 18-55mm Zoom Lens



6 thoughts on “Sunset at Bare Island, La Perouse

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and also for your nice comments. I am so glad to meet with you, I loved your blog. It would be so nice to be your follower, I can see so beautiful photographs… The “Life Voyage” is now being my own voyage too through your amazing photographs. Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, with my love, nia

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